Summary Synthesis

Event Management

My Interdisciplinary Studies program is Event Management. I began this program because my end goal was to be an event planner, and I wanted to understand every aspect of the job. This program consists of many different disciplines; business administration, marketing, tourism, hospitality, photography, and graphic design. My IDS program has given me a well rounded and beneficial education that has taught me so much about myself and about life. I can take the knowledge that I have gained and become very successful in my post-college career.

If you would like to read more about my program, please click here!

Social Media for an Art Retreat


Photo courtesy of Squam Art Workshops and Terri Dautcher

For my Applied Project I worked with Terri Dautcher to create a social media campaign. The campaign was designed for an art retreat that will be located in Ashland, NH. Nearing the end of college I really started to get interested in the social media aspect of business and have thought about connecting that to event planning in my career. When Terri suggested the idea to me, I thought it would be perfect

This project gave me a great opportunity to get real world experience working with a proposed business idea. Working with an art retreat was interesting too because the business is based off of events. Each class being taught at the retreat is an event, the business wouldn’t happen without events. Completing this project gave me experience that I can talk about in job interviews and explain my process of designing a social media marketing campaign. Having this experience is a real asset to my future, and I can’t wait to see how I use it.

Check out my social media marketing plan for the art retreat!

  • Explain your RA, including why you decided to choose that topic and how it contributed to your education.

Social Media Takeover: How it Effects our Lives


CC Pixelkult

For my Research Article I continued the social media theme. I was really interested in seeing how social media effects different parts of our lives. The approach that I took was to look at how social media effects civic engagement, grieving, body image, and people with ALS. Looking at it from all of the different disciplines, it was interesting to see the positive and negative effects that social media has.

Completing this paper gave me a better understanding of how my life is effected my social media. It has made me more conscious of the way I use social media and how I think about it. Throughout the research process I also made many connections with my Applied Project and it helped me get a better understand of how to use social media for an art retreat.

Please read more about my Research Article!

Wrapping it up

grad pic

With just four short days left until graduation, I have really seen how these projects and the work I have done in IDS have changed my life. Because of these projects I have great knowledge and experience to take in to the future with me. Becoming an IDS major is the greatest decision that I made in my college career. I now have an interdisciplinary education that I can use for so many different careers and parts of life. With many of the courses that I chose to take I got to work on real life projects and gain experience that I can use in my career and life after college. Without my IDS program I would have been stuck in a major that I didn’t want to be in and taking classes that I didn’t want to take. Instead I got an education that includes that benefits me and includes what I wanted to learn. Thank you to the Interdisciplinary Studies program for the endless opportunities and knowledge you have given me!



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